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Watercolour, the little beastie

Part 1.
I’ve taught watercolour for some time now. It was a main medium of mine when I worked for News Ltd as an Editorial Artist. It’s something that I’d always wanted to teach and have done with success and with some fails. If you are interested in watercolour painting here are some of the Tips and things to watch out for especially if you are a beginner.
Watercolour is all about painting with tints. The overlaying paint a bit like you would overlay cellophane. It has a beautiful luminosity and freshness. A sense that a stroke of paint has been put down and it has captured what you are painting from. It has an effortless look about it, as free as nature itself.
I started off as a tight, realistic water-colourist but I soon found that it wasn’t what I was looking for. It was great for illustration but I was more interest in those “happy accidents” that watercolour so readily gives because of its limitations in having total control.

Little Girlsm Here are some tips on watercolour painting:
Don’t try to gain total control over the Medium.
Don’t apply the colour too thick.
Stay loose, relaxed and have a playful attitude toward it.
Use good quality paper, brushes and paint.
Copy other good water-colourists paintings.
Watch a good water-colourist at work.
Don’t use white in your colours.
Perfect isn’t always best.

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