Drawing from your head.

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“I’m not very good Con…  I can’t draw out of my own head, but I can copy!” I wish I had a dollar for every person that said to me.

Truth is, anyone can draw out of their own head. You can draw a circle, square,  triangle etc. or you can make something up. It might not look very good, but you can still draw out of your own head. Every mark you make does come from your mind.

But you want to draw something decent out of your head right? Ok I’ll teach you how to do it.

Pick something simple to draw. It could be Mickey Mouse (lot’s of circles) or a house (lot’s of straight lines). If you can draw from reference you’re on your way. Draw it once from a reference photo, and then draw it again. Now put your photo away and then start drawing it from what you remember. If you forget how one part goes, get your photo out, copy the bit you’ve forgotten and then put it away. Then resume your drawing. Do this until you can remember how to draw the whole drawing. Just keep it really simple.

Remember how you learnt how to draw a square, circle etc. You saw it on the old blackboard at school and you copied it. You did that a few times and now you’ll never forget. It’s the same with everything else. What you want to draw now has more complex shapes. So to put those shapes to memory, it’s just a little bit of repetition.

When I was young I drew my favourite cartoon character at home. I took it to school and all the boys loved him.  One guy asked me to draw one for him. I said, I’ll draw you one for you tomorrow when I bring my photo. Inside I thought I’d just try to draw one from memory and behold, it just all came out. That day opened a new chapter in my understanding of drawing out of your head, and it will happen to you.


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