Artist’s Block

Winning against Artist’s Block

I am of the firm belief that we shouldn’t wait for the mood to paint. We should put ourselves in the environment and our mood will change. Don’t wait, start something and you will change.
As a young editorial artist I was given an illustration in the most stressful of situations with a deadline (usually a couple of hours). I’ll always remember that no matter how stressed, anxious and uninspired I felt, being thrown into the creative process (even by force) changed my mood. After completion of the drawing I would often feel relaxed and full of self-confidence. I sometimes wanted to do another illustration, which to me two hours earlier would have felt like my worst nightmare, especially at the scrutiny of a committee of journalists.

Published Sunday Mail 1994

Published Sunday Mail 1994

Here are some tools to help you get Creative:
Keep a scrap book of inspired artworks and images you like. Looking at images will inspire you and give you new vision. Download Webshots off the internet for inspiring photos. These images are usually copywrite free. Make notes on ideas if you like.
Have at least two mediums you like to paint with. We all get sick of painting with one medium so maybe extend yourself with another medium and this will give you more choices. Maybe embrace a new style that you like as well.
Make time. The most important thing to give yourself is time. Give yourself a break to not think about “stuff” and look at your scrapbook over a coffee. Don’t try to get inspired, just enjoy the images and ideas will start flowing.
Do something that you enjoy.  Don’t do dogs because Aunty Betty likes dogs. Do what you want to do. Do what makes you feel good. With art, the world doesn’t matter.

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