"Learning never exhausts the mind."
- Leonardo Da Vinci


Con Petropoulos ‘Owner of Noahs Art

A bit about Con

Con Petropoulos is owner of Noah’s Art Quality Art Supplies. He was employed at The Advertiser in 1990 as a full time editorial artist and in 1991 after a year at the Advertiser moved to the Sunday Mail.

Teaching methods 

Con has been teaching at Noah’s Art for nine years and has approximately 100 students. He teaches in most mediums including  oils, acrylics, pastels, watercolours and charcoal Styles include: Realism and Impressionism. Some of Con’s students have won  awards and held solo exhibitions.

Noah’s Art teachers are of a professional calibre that turn out some of the state’s best junior artists. All teachers have police  clearances and have a great rapport with their students, developing highly skilled techniques as we speak

Professional art career 

Con has been a commission artist for about 25 years. His main themes have included: Sports Identities, Still Life and Animals and  Impressionism. Many of these commissions can be seen in Con’s portfolio on request.

Noah’s Art is the only art shop in  Adelaide owned by a professional artist. Con is there most days to give you professional advice on his products.

Sample of Cons works